Totally Lame Picture Site!!

Surgeon General's Warning: The content on this site has been determined to be a leading cause of headache and nausea, and to be totally lame.

I'm a japanese food fiend. People that know me can attest to this. So do many of the pictures on this site. After going out enough times to eat a certain kind of food, you start to get the inclination to want to make it at home. Because it looks really easy to make. And feeding (haha) that kind of habit can start to get expensive.

In the past I've constructed Miso Soup, though there is no adventure for that, being that it involves 2 steps, heating broth, and stirring in Miso paste.

Now, I've branched out into another cool japanese food item, Sushi! In particular, Kappa Maki (cucumber rolls) and California Rolls. These are the two kinds of sushi that I eat most often. And so, I gathered together a crack team of 1 person who'd done the job before, a plethora of ingredients, and set out to construct sushi.

  1. A Plethora of Ingredients
  2. A magic mat
  3. For sushi, you needs you some rice
  4. Rice Bath
  5. A Sushi Chef
  6. Cookin up some rice
  7. Stripping Cucumber
  8. There be crab! NOT!
  9. The so called 'butter fruit'
  10. Butchered Butter (Fruit)
  11. Getting ready to finish up the sushi rice
  12. Rice all cooked up and stuff
  13. Sheets'o'Seaweed
  14. Getting ready to Sushi
  15. Adding some rice to the lonely seaweed
  16. Soon it will be a cucumber roll
  17. A completed Cucumber Roll (Kappa Maki)
  18. The correct amount of rice to use
  19. The guts of a california roll
  20. The completed California Roll

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