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Finally it was time to actually move in.

Using our regular (well, we did it once before) method we slowly moved the kitchen and bathroom over to the new place by packing up bankers boxes with stuff and taking a full car load with us every time we went over there.

Of course using this method, you quickly are set up to cook at a place where you're not living and have nothing to cook or eat with at the place you're moving away from, but fortunately you can just go to a restaurant or get takeout to resolve that situation.

We also pre-packed our DVD, book and Pottery collections into boxes and moved them to our rented storage locker a couple of weeks before the move, to lessen the work on the big day.

The day before the move was the day that the cable guy was coming to install our new phone action and to verify that our cable worked, so we moved our TV's, cable boxes, networking equipment and laptops over so that we could verify things. Also a few bags of clothes, which we used to make sure that the TV's were safe and sound in the back of the car during the trip.

The day of the full on move we got an early start and took over the last of the important electronic equipment that we didn't want to have moved in the big truck, and then collected our good friend Joel, a friend of his (and now of ours, if he'll have us) Jason, and a 5 ton moving truck from Budget Rentals.

First stop was the storage locker, where we loaded up all of our boxes. This took very little time indeed since the trip from the locker to the truck is about 20 feet and there was no elevator involved.

From storage we went to the building proper, where we picked up Mr. Ball who helped with the rest of the move. Thanks to the stuff we'd moved previously there was pretty much only large pieces of furniture and bags of clothes to load into the truck.

As always the unloading went much faster than the loading, helped by the fact that at the new place we're on ground level and so there was no elevator juggling to get everything in. Super props to Joel, Chris and Jason for helping out big time with the move. After all the time spent getting the paint and the other parts of the move done (including a late Friday dis-assembly of the entertainment center and computers that we moved early Saturday morning) we were feeling pretty frazzled, but these guys really knocked it out of the park and helped make everything go smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Master Bedroom Closets
  2. Master Bedroom 1
  3. Master Bedroom 2
  4. Den 1
  5. Den 2
  6. Living Area 1
  7. Living Area 2
  8. Kitchen
  9. Guitar Room 1
  10. Guitar Room 2
  11. Pantry
  12. Drawer 1
  13. Drawer 2
  14. Cupboards

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