Totally Lame Picture Site!!

Surgeon General's Warning: The content on this site has been determined to be a leading cause of headache and nausea, and to be totally lame.

At some point, I moved from a place that I used to live, to a place that I live now. Assuming that "at some point" is sometime far in the distant past, and "now" is some time a week or so after I actually did the move. Undoubtedly as time progresses I shall live in some other place, and then this description won't be accurate. If only I had included some relative dates. Ah well.

In any event, at the time of "the move" at least 2 people expressed some kind of interest in seeing pictures of what the place looked like. This was prompted by my sharing around some photos that showed piles of moving boxes sitting all over the place and general disarray, thus making people want proof that I'm not just a super incredible slob, and that things would be unpacked to some degree.

And so I present, some number of pictures that represent parts of the place in which I dwell at the time that I wrote this greeting, which I can't assure will actually be true at the time you read this, since this page is so incredibly cool it no doubt will show up in various portions of the internet wayback machine and live on forever. Or something.

  1. What the house I live in looks like
  2. The portal to my evil domain
  3. The living room, part 1
  4. Yet more living room
  5. Just when you thought I was out of living room
  6. What my kitchen looks like
  7. The so called dining area
  8. My exciting bathroom counter
  9. Another interesting part of my bathroom
  10. At last, the bedroom

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