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Surgeon General's Warning: The content on this site has been determined to be a leading cause of headache and nausea, and to be totally lame.

So we recently got a Wii, but some other people, who live in a far away place, didn't get one.

After we were done laughing at them, we invited them to participate in our Wii fun be creating a Mii for them, then playing the games ourselves and sending off the odd picture or two to show them what sort of fun they were having without knowing it.

Contained here is a pictoral record of the sort of amazing fun people had without knowing it.

  1. Introducing TT
  2. TT's Triangular Behind
  3. Bearded Lady
  4. More Facial Hair
  5. Even Better!
  6. She's a Soul Woman!
  7. Four Eyes
  8. Today, on Sally...
  9. Nerd!
  10. Tada!
  11. The Mii Plaza
  12. The TT Mii
  13. The Swooz Mii
  14. The Odat Mii
  15. The Larry David Mii
  16. How old is TT
  17. Return those Balls
  18. Hitting Home Runs
  19. Got One!
  20. Picking up spares
  21. Turns out TT is Old
  22. Shocking!
  23. TT Wins the Snake/Spider Vote!
  24. The Voting Breakdown
  25. Detailed Results
  26. TT's Current Voting Record
  27. TT's Tune-age
  28. How far away is TT?
  29. How far away is Swoozy?
  30. How far away is Odat?
  31. How many provinces have you visited?
  32. What would you rather have invented?
  33. Invention Results
  34. Invention Breakdown
  35. Invention Regional Breakdown
  36. Wanna be Bald or Gray?
  37. Do you wear glasses?
  38. TT's Prediction was...
  39. Which is the better shopping deal?

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