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Surgeon General's Warning: The content on this site has been determined to be a leading cause of headache and nausea, and to be totally lame.

It should come as no secret by now that I'm a huge fan of the Japanese food. And the Chinese food. Well, Asian food. Well ok, me and food normally get along real well together.

In any event, often I experiment with cooking things that I know I like at the restaurant, and see if I can get as close to, or better than, that level of food quality, using only my own pathetic cooking knowledge. And perhaps a webpage or two or ten.

In the latest of this series, as of now, is the Tonkatsu Adventure! In which, naturally, I attempt to construct Tonkatsu in my own kitchen. I've cheated a bit here and been a sideline participant in the cooking of this at another time in the past. But the method here is different, in that I used authentic ingredients, and not contrived ones.

And so, let this short, but perhaps enlightning, adventure get underway!

Oh yeah, Tonkatsu is a breaded deep fried pork dish, served with an awesome sauce. It's probably important to know that, if you don't already.

  1. What you need
  2. Prepare your meat!
  3. Breading step 1
  4. Breading step 2
  5. Breading step 3
  6. The (semi) finished product
  7. Hot oil works wonders
  8. We're going to the plate!

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