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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I was a high school student. No really, it's true! Even more amazingly, prior to that I was a junior high student! Insanity!

In this junior high, everyone was forced to take "Home Economics", which oddly had nothing at all to do with the laws of supply and demand, vis-a-vis pancake breakfasts and an ongoing shortage of bacon.

No, in this case, we were forced to learn to sew, and cook, and things of that nature. Which naturally I was 100% against, because sewing, cooking and all those other things were work, and really, who wants that? Nobody, that's who!

In any event, I have very distinct memories of one of those cooking classes in particular, in which we constructed a most excellent Apple Crisp, complete with quick oats, because everyone knows that a good apple crisp contains quick oats. And we ate it, and it was good. And the students rejoiced! Except for the jocks, who thought it was a girly dessert. The fools!

And so it came to pass that I dug out the cookbook that I got in that very class, that I've kept all these years, hedging my bets that at some point I might need to know how to make cinnamon toast. And I found the recipe for the Apple Crisp, and gazed upon it. And said "This doesn't have any quick oats in it? What the hell! Everyone knows good apple crisp includes quick oats!".

Shortly afterwards, it was discovered that my "distinct memories" may in fact be hallucinations brought on by a lack of really good cinnamon toast. So I surfed the web and found a recipe for Apple Crisp that DID have quick oats in it. And then I used the recipe to construct apple crisp, and used my digital camera to record my progress for prosperity.

Aren't you lucky.

(View the recipe)

  1. The obvious starting point
  2. A big ol' pile of spice
  3. A big ol' pile of.. crisp
  4. The star of the show
  5. I'm SPICY!
  6. The sauce type thing.. sort of
  7. All crisped up with no place to go.. BUT THE OVEN! MUAHAHA
  8. Oh my, yes!

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