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These pictures are of the Condo in it's original state.

We bought the condo from the original owner, who hadn't really done anything with it in the twelve years that he owned it. As such, we did a small amount of renovating before we moved in.

This included:

  • Painting the bedrooms, kitchen and living/dining area. The bathrooms and Den need painting but we decided to leave that for after we get settled in, since painting is hard work.
  • The mirrored closet doors and window treatments were removed and carted away to the dump. The accordian closet doors remain but the rest of the closets are going to be open concept.
  • We had the old carpet ripped out and replaced with Laminate flooring. The baseboards were also removed and replaced with new stuff. Incidentally that makes painting a lot easier.

  1. Entry
  2. Entry Closet
  3. Kitchen Entry
  4. Kitchen 1
  5. Kitchen 2
  6. Pantry
  7. Laundry
  8. Guitar Hallway
  9. Guitar Bath 1
  10. Guitar Bath 2
  11. Guitar Bath 3
  12. Guitar Bath 4
  13. Guitar 1
  14. Guitar 2
  15. Guitar 3
  16. Master Hall
  17. Living/Dining Area
  18. Patio 1
  19. Patio 2
  20. Master Hall 2
  21. Master Hall Closet
  22. Den 1
  23. Den 2
  24. Master Closets
  25. Master Safe
  26. Master Linen
  27. Master Bath 1
  28. Master Bath 2
  29. Master Bath 3
  30. Master Bath 4
  31. Master Bedroom 1
  32. Master Bedroom 2

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