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Monday, September 15 2003 will live in infamy as the day that me, my sweetie, our friend Nichole, and some punk ass bitch got together at the big ball of science, and scienced it up BIG TIME.

Ok well, actually we just wandered around poking and playing with things. The big ball of science is full of stuff that you're supposed to play with, and then you learn something scientific. Unless you're us. Then, it's just a big dome full of cool toys.

After the big ball of science, we got together with some other friends (whose last name, ironically, is Ball) and went to The Key, where we ate food until we thought we would explode.

Here, then, is a photo retrospective of our fantabulous day!

  1. The Big Ball Of Science (tm)
  2. Nichole's superhero powers
  3. Abject Failure
  4. Nichole gets puzzled, part 1
  5. Marisue plays the game differently
  6. Nichole gets puzzled, part 2
  7. Nichole gets violent
  8. Witless Goof
  9. Nichole gets puzzled, part 3
  10. The evil eye
  11. The molecube
  12. Presenting! A monstrosity!
  13. Getting closer
  14. PAB rejoins the party
  15. PAB pretends to be a good sport
  16. What a guy!
  17. A thing of beauty
  18. Onto another puzzle!
  19. Never say die
  20. A cube is born
  21. A smile is born
  22. It's twins!
  23. Time for some eating!
  24. Typical children
  25. The star of the show
  26. Mr. Ball shows us how it's done

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