Totally Lame Picture Site!!

Surgeon General's Warning: The content on this site has been determined to be a leading cause of headache and nausea, and to be totally lame.

Welcome to the photos for Birthday Bash 2008, a codename I just made up to explain why I'm about to type out the descriptions of almost 60 pictures that I took one day when we were doing something birthday related!

Ok, so the story is like this:

Once upon a time there was an egg that met a sperm and got fertilized. Skip ahead skip ahead it turns out that it's a girl. Skip ahead skip ahead for some reason the girl married a Canadian guy. Skip ahead some more and suddenly it's 2008 and the Girl (now a Woman) decided it would be cool to go to Granville Island, eat crepes for breakfast, then buy some pottery.

So she did. And she took the crazy Canadian along for the ride.

Also the Canadian took pictures. Oh, so many pictures.

  1. Our Chariot Awaits
  2. Running low on Petrol, Guv'ner
  3. Horrible price of gas
  4. Getting ready to buy gas
  5. Entering the secret number
  6. Hard work
  7. A bit too far for breakfast
  8. Ouch my wallet!
  9. Approaching the scary bridge of doom-y doom
  10. Everyone needs boundaries
  11. Could have been worse
  12. It's PHO time
  13. Dialing for Dosas
  14. Blue Mountain Majesty, or something
  15. Building crazy
  16. We made it!
  17. Parked and ready for action!
  18. Time for breakfast
  19. Muffins: It's what's for breakfast
  20. Random Animals
  21. Watch out Hitchcock! (And Aunty Brenda)
  22. A Yummy crepe
  23. A not so yummy crepe
  24. A hot new band
  25. All kinds of fun stuff!
  26. That's a lot of stuff
  27. The Muffin Granny!
  28. Our next destination
  29. Yay, Element buddy!
  30. Top secret sculptures
  31. Ready for some Ceramics
  32. What we boughted #1
  33. What we boughted #2
  34. Boats and so on
  35. Anyone need a Brolly?
  36. Hillariously named coffee house
  37. Even funnier juice bar name!
  38. Taco, Taco, Taco Time (actually Burrito)
  39. Tactical failure
  40. Precariously Piled Periodicals
  41. My little mexican friend
  42. Senor Big Belly
  43. El Guitaro on El-Wall-o
  44. Well that's just dumb
  45. Why didn't we stop here?!
  46. Yay another element buddy!
  47. Don't pwn the newb
  48. Knock Knock. Who's There? Bear Naked!
  49. When good malls go bad
  50. Is it REALLY the Best Buy?
  51. A camera I took a picture of for some reason
  52. It's funny EVERY TIME!
  53. More reasons to not drink wine
  54. Approaching the bridge of doom-y doom a second time
  55. Looking Dangerous
  57. Almost forgot!

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