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Over christmas we were given the most evil game ever as a present, Carcassonne. The back of the box had some limited pictures of the game, as well as a brief history lesson about the actual city of Carcassonne (somewhere in frenchland). Slightly dubious, we pulled out the game, read the rules, and set out to play.

3 games later, we were on the internet to see what else we could find out about the game. The next day, we set out to get a folding table and chairs, since playing at the coffee table was rather uncomfortable. We also found ourselves at a store called "Craving for a game", buying one of every expansion pack the game has to offer.

2 days later, we were back at the store buying another copy of the game and another copy of the two main expansion packs.

Like I said, evilest game ever! We curse the people who gave us this evil christmas present! Now our TV is going unwatched while we sit around listening to music and attempting to build the largest city possible!

The object of the game is simple, but contains a lot of strategic elements along with a fair dose of pure luck, to come up with a game that is surprisingly addictive to play.

What follows is an introduction to the game designed to suck other people into our Carcassonne plight!

  1. A game of tiles
  2. Meet the Meeples!
  3. The Scoreboard
  4. The Rivers
  5. A Completed City
  6. A complete road and cloister
  7. A Farmer
  8. Board shot mid-game
  9. A city with a builder
  10. Cheap Points
  11. A Cathedral City
  12. Cloister Central
  13. Some finished cloisters
  14. The Count of Carcassonne
  15. King and Thief
  16. More Scoreboard
  17. The Largest City
  18. The Longest Road
  19. A Completed Map

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