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Everything but the kitchen was painted when the flooring installation started. We went in and painted the kitchen while the flooring installer was on his third and final day of flooring installation.

All of the carpeting was ripped out and replaced with the new laminate flooring. This leaves only the kitchen and bathrooms with Vinyl flooring (not great but good enough for now) and the entry way, which is tile.

All baseboard that was in the carpeted areas was replaced with a newer taller baseboard.

Because the entry is tile floor and the kitchen is vinyl, there is a little bit of a step-down into the kitchen. The previous baseboard leading from the entry to the kitchen had a weird stair-step type design to it to lower it to the level of everything else.

Since the new baseboard continues around the entry way to the kitchen, the baseboard in the kitchen was replaced as well. This time the installers got a few pieces of baseboard that was identical to what was being used everywhere else, but taller, and then cut down a couple of pieces for the entry so that the baseboard can continue around the entry to the kitchen and still appear identical.

Due to laziness and lack of thought on my part, the pictures of the flooring shown here are taken during and after the floor installation but before the baseboard guy showed up and installed the new baseboard.

  1. Flooring Choice
  2. Guitar Room
  3. Guitar Hallway 1
  4. Guitar Hallway 2
  5. Partial Living Area
  6. Finished Living Area
  7. Entry Closet
  8. Partial Master Hallway
  9. Partial Den
  10. Den 1
  11. Den 2
  12. Master Bedroom 1
  13. Master Bedroom 2
  14. Master Bedroom Closets
  15. Master Linen Closet

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