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Once upon a time, as I was moving, I spied a CrockPot slow cooker apparatus. And then, the owner of said cooker said "What, did you want that? Well, go ahead and take it, then.". So, I replied with "okie dokie!", or something similiar to that, only much more witty, because that's just the kind of person that I am.

And so it came to be that I had in my possession, a CrockPot slow cooking apparatus. And, it sat upon a table, wrapped in it's festive moving plastic, for quite some time, unused.

Often, I would ponder the art of the slow cooking. "How exciting it would be", I thought, "if I were able to place a number of ingredients of yummy origin into the slow cooker, and then a mere 13 hours later, have a yummy meal!". This of course takes the notion of "It took forever to prepare and only a short time to eat" and blows it all out of proportion.

And then one day, it occured to me that along with the CrockPot slow cooker apparatus, I also received a cookbook full of recipies specifically designed for a CrockPot slow cooker apparatus.

And so it came to pass that on some day, of some month, in a year that was probably 2003 but I can't be entirely sure because I'm bad with dates, I created something in my CrockPot slow cooker apparatus.

  1. All you need for this adventure (sorta)
  2. The potato(e)
  3. The Onion! *sob*
  4. Alas poor carrot!
  5. Witty Celery Remark!
  6. The vegetables find a home
  7. The meat (heh heh)
  8. The Broth Factor
  9. Meanwhile, back at the ranch!
  10. Playing with the meat (heh)
  11. The finishing touches
  12. Tada!

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