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This would be the radio stuff. Fortunately, this was relatively cheap at $150 dollars. The big jobby with the wheel and trigger is the transmitter, which you use to crash your expensive toy after you've built it.

The part with the green thing (a fuse) is the speed controller. Electric motors only have two speeds. Off, and as fast as it can spin. While it is easy to crash a car going at top speed, sometimes you need to go slower. For example, when you're executing a turn, so that you can crash into something more solid. So, the speed controller basically pulses power to the motor thousands of times a second, to control how fast it can go. This generates heat, as well as the propulsive force requires to crash the car.

There is also a servo, which is hard to see, but it's next to the transmitter and below the plastic bag. This is basically a very small hi torque motor that controlls the steering. Unlike the lame R/C toys that you can buy at radio shack, the servo can spin in small increments, giving you proportionate steering. This doesn't sound all that cool, until you actually drive the car and realize you can make slight course corrections (good for aiming at small targets you want to crash into) without veering off to the sides.

Lastly, the thing with the yellow tag poking out of it is the receiver. This of course, sits in the car, and receives instructions from the transmitter in your hand, that tells the speed controller to control speed, or the servo which way to spin so that you can crash into stuff.

As an added bonus for paying perfectly good money for this, you get a little baggie full of flags and ribbons you can hang all over yourself to let others know what frequency you're crashing your car on, so that you don't conflict with theirs. Remember, only the person that shelled out the car should get the chance to crash it. That's just common courtesy.

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Exclusive right handed controller does not cost extra.

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